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Teachings and Music by Dr. Suuqiina and Rev. Qaumaniq Suuqiina
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The Aaronic Blessing DVD cover

New DVD!

The Aaronic Blessing

The Aaronic blessing with modern paleo Hebrew words and explanations. Very inspiring DVD!

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Goodbye My Island DVD cover

New DVD!

Goodbye My Island

The natives of Okvok - King Island Alaska were deliberately relocated in 1959. This is their story and tells of the effects of forced relocation. Moving!

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Two Winters book cover

New Book!

Two Winters

A Novel From The Not Too Distant Future
by a Survivor

Two Winters is a novel about the aftermath of "The Event" that has invaded the far North. This "Event" has been prophesied by an Inupiat Prophet who lived during the 1800s. His words have all come true except three which were given about the "end times." He is a revered and trusted prophet and there is a renewed interest in his words and accurate predictions.

This story is a fictional account of a group of survivors of the "Event" known as Two Winters. The story is set on the Spit at Homer, Alaska. There are some autobiographical elements included in the account with various characters taking the elements on as their own. As with all fictional accounts, truth and hyperbole are mixed in the telling of the story....

Written and illustrated by Suuqiina.

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The Number 7 DVD cover

The Number 7

The # 7
There are amazing uses of the number 7 in the Bible. Here are a few of them. We explain the account of the Queen of Sheba with an interesting conclusion!

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Maniilaq DVD cover


Maniilaq, Inupiat Prophet.
Maniilaq lived in Alaska in the 1800s. He prophesied many incredible things including the end of days.
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The Shadow of the Almighty DVD cover

The Shadow of The Almighty

Revealing 10 names of YHWH imbedded in the 23rd Psalm. Exciting and insightful!

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

The Lion DVD cover

The Lion

There are many different uses of the word LION in the Hebrew Bible. This DVD is fun, informative, and challenging.

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

23rd Psalm DVD cover

23rd Psalm

Revealing 10 names of YHWH imbedded in the 23rd Psalm. Exciting and insightful!

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Yom Teruah DVD cover

Yom Teruah

A teaching about the Feast of Trumpets and the days leading up to Yom Kippur - the Day of Atonement. Insightful!

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Visible and Invisible Realms DVD cover

Visible and Invisible Realms

Who are the "Sons of Elohim" in the Bible? What is their purpose and relationship to man? Who is Abba? Who is Y'shua? Who are we? How does it end?
With Dr. Suuqiina

We recommend The Unseen Realm by Dr. M. Heiser for a comprehensive and complete presentation of this message.

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Moses' Staff DVD cover

Moses' Staff

What did YHWH do with Moses' staff and how does it relate to our lives? Very informative.
With Dr. Suuqiina

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

1st Nations in Israel DVD cover

1st Nations in Israel

In 1999, 96 First Nations natives from the USA and Canada attended Sukkot in Israel. This DVD follows their remarkable visit.

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

1998 2nd World Gathering On Indigenous Peoples DVD cover

1998 2nd World Gathering On Indigenous Peoples

1998 2nd World Gathering On Indigenous Peoples - Over 65 nattions met and worshipped in Rapid City, SD. They shared their languages, dances, regalia, and stories. Many shared their songs of praise.
Digitized and Reproduced by Agape Lane Ministry.

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Hanukkah DVD cover


Hanakkah - New DVD teaching by Dr. Suuqiina
What is it and why did Y'shua celebrate it? Feast of Dedication - why? Festival of Lights - why?

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

What's in a Name? DVD cover

What's in a Name?

What's in a Name? - New DVD teaching by Dr. Suuqiina
What did the Apostle Paul say on Mars Hill? Who is Dionysius and why did he believe?

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Pesach DVD cover


The Passover - New DVD teaching by Dr. Suuqiina
Understanding the basics of the Passover - very informative!

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

The Shemah DVD cover

The Shemah

Hear, O Israel - New DVD teaching by Dr. Suuqiina
Why did Simon Peter cut off the ear of Malcus in John 15?

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

The Shadow DVD cover

The Daughters

New DVD teaching by Dr. Suuqiina
Two 12-year-old Daughters - Understanding the word SHADOW (teaching formerly called "The Shadow"). The use of the Talit and Y'shua's use in healing two 12-year-old daughters. Instructive!

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

The Nature of the Prophetic DVD cover

The Nature of the Prophetic

- Two DVD teachings with Dr. Suuqiina
  1. DVD 1 - The first chapter of Jeremiah is used as the paradigm of the nature of the prophetic. The prophetic foundations are taught.
  2. DVD 2 - This teaching emphasizes the importance of being a listener instead of a speaker. The gospel of John is used to reveal the listening nature of Yahua.
$40.00 plus shipping/handling (total of two discs)

Comparing Eastern Western Worldviews DVD cover

Comparing Eastern Western Worldviews

- DVD teaching with Dr. Suuqiina
What are the indigenous characteristics of the Eastern worldview? How do they compare and contrast with the Western worldview? How can we convert to an Eastern worldview without losing our own identity? This DVD answers many questions for Bible believers and why some things don't seem to dit into a Western paradigm of thinking.

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Nephilim, DNA and Transhumanism 
DVD cover

Nephilim, DNA and Transhumanism

- DVD teaching with Dr. Suuqiina

Understanding the giants of Genesis 6, YHWH and DNA, and the days of Noah in our time.

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Warfare By Honor

Warfare By Honor


- The Restoration of Honor... a Protocol Handbook by Dr. Suuqiina and Rev. Qaummaniq Suuqiina. Rewritten, updated, and revised - and now sized the same as our other books, making shipping easier.

The power of protocol has not been lost so much as it has been ignored. Protocol is not simply etiquette or manners-it is doing what is right between people. It is about honor, dignity, place, space, history, achievement, wisdom and caring. By choosing the path of honor, we are actually engaging in warfare by honor and are restoring the power that true protocol has. An Episcopal priest used protocol to honor a local Jewish congregation. It resulted in a new relationship between that congregation and church. They remain in a vibrantly increasing relationship today. A Messianic Rabbi used protocol to honor two provincial mayors in Malawi, Africa. They both said this had never been done before. The mayors opened doors for the rabbi and his congregation all over their provinces. A Canadian Grand-Chief led 96 First Nations people to the Knesset in Israel and used protocol to honor President Avrim Berg. He gave them his blessing and protection, and imparted authority to them to "do in Israel wat you came here to do." This is the power of protocol. Within these pages you will learn the many aspects of protocol. You will learn about honor and how to practice showing it to others. So prepare to be both challenged and encouraged through one of the most important books you will read this year-Warfare by Honor.
$25.00 plus shipping/handling

Warfare by Honor

Warfare By Honor

- This is a DVD message about restoring honor by the use of protocol. Protocol is the practice or ceremony of giving "honor to whom honor is due." This DVD presents a primer from the larger book Warfare By Honor. Restoring honor will become more important as society gives way to allowing dishonor to become the norm. This DVD includes some wonderful native music and an additional message by Rev. Rita Bear Grey titled Freedom from Dishonor. This is a god beginning for those who desire to become honorable in their relationships with mankind.
$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Protocol - 4 DVD set


- Protocol is designed to "give honor where it's due and respect where it's due. It is doing the correct thing in a situation or circumstance involving others. Airline pilots and surgeons continue to follow correct procedures, protocols, when doing their work - yeah! It's the Body of Messiah that has lst or ignored the practice and power of protocol. Watch and learn as Qaum presents various situations where protocol is properly used. These areas are:
  1. Intro - what is it?
  2. Boundaries - personal & relational
  3. Time
  4. Elders
  5. Giving
  6. Responsibility
  7. Stewardship
  8. Learning from animals
  9. Going on other's lands
  10. Israel
  11. Nature
  12. Power of protocol
  13. Religious systems & their effect on protocol
Qaumaniq is a Certified Expressive Arts Practitioner and a biblical psychologist. She counseled for many years in the areas of addiction: sexual, alcohol, drugs, and compulsive behaviors. Her use of wisdom, experience, knowledge, and humor makes her presentation alive, informative & reformative!
$75.00 plus shipping/handling

Speak to the Earth book cover

Speak To The Earth

- a Healing The Land Handbook from I.M.I. by Rev. Qaumaniq Suuqiina and Dr. Suuqiina. The Suuqiinas co-direct Indigenous Messengers International; they are instructors for Perspectives, a missions course for the U.S. Center for World Mission. They are committed to the restoration and healing of all cultures, genders, and living things.

They utilize the study of Modern and Ancient Hebrew to bring revelation and understanding of the scriptures. They are available for churches, home groups, seminars, conferences, retreats, and college groups; for more information on presentations and speaking engagements, please read Partner With Us and check out Suuqiina's itinerary.

$25.00 plus shipping/handling

Women - 3 DVD set


- The subject is how a religious spirit mistreats women, devaluing them and their contribution to the Body of Messiah. Qaumaniq is an excellent presenter, using many illustrations to make awesome insights, impacting and relating to the current attitudes and actions by some believers. Some of these illustrations are quite dramatic and shock us out of our passivity and our willful ignorance of the dishonoring that occurs around us at all times.

Qaumaniq is a Certified Expressive Arts Practitioner and a biblical psychologist. She counseled for many years in the areas of addiction: sexual, alcohol, drugs, and compulsive behaviors. Her use of wisdom, experience, knowledge, and humor makes her presentation informative, reformative, and a delight.
Look - Listen - Learn!
$55.00 plus shipping/handling

His Glorious Names book

His Glorious Names

- This book shares 365 Hebrew names of God with musical notes, modern and ancient Hebrew meanings. This book helps restore His names to the Body of Messiah. Every one of His names has meaning, is instructive, and possesses great value. His names are not simply identifiers but they are functional for every day and every situation. YHWH meant for His names to be a distinct part of His world and certainly a major portion of a believer's life. The musical notes are provided by scholars who worked for nine years to establish the original tones that accompany the Hebrew letters. Therefore, it is possible to write music that reflects the actual letters of these glorious names. What a powerful worship tool! This book is a must for the library of all believers of all faith expressions and practices.
$25.00 plus shipping/handling

Understanding the End
	from the Beginning DVD cover

Understanding the End from the Beginning

- 5 Teaching sessions on DVD, Genesis through Revelation, with Dr. Suuqiina, PLUS a bonus CD message "The 401st Prophet" for a total of 6 discs.
  1. Session One - The Beginning - Genesis 1:1
    The revelation of the elements of the beginning that reveal the end.
  2. Session Two - The Problem - Cain and Abel
  3. Session Three - The Conflict begins - Jacob and Esau -
    The Conflict continues until our times.
  4. Session Four - The Solution - What makes us "fearfully and wonderfully made"?
    An examination of the presence of the Aleph/Tov in our DNA and MRNA. An eye opener for sure!
  5. Session Five - The End - Looking at Matthew 24 and how Y'shua answered the disciples' questions about the end times and the Hebrew idioms He used to explain them. You won't want to miss this one.

This overview of scripture is not designed to answer every question you may have but it is designed to educate and inform you about the Hebraic understanding of the big picture.
This teaching paints the scriptures in broad strokes and makes many implications and creates many suggestions for further inquiry and discussion.
It is designed to promote questions and to enhance the thinking process. May you be blessed as you consider these insights, many with which you are familiar and some which are fresh and new!

$100.00 plus shipping/handling (total of six discs)

5 Relationship
	Principles DVD cover

5 Relationship Principles

A refreshing look at the "Ten Commandments" from a Hebraic perspective, with captivating insights and challenges.

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Life and Times of Yeshua

The Life and Times of Yeshua

- A chronological journey of Yeshua's life with maps and photos where the events occurred. Many insights!
$20.00 plus shipping/handling

All The Trees

All The Trees

- All the trees in the Bible - the Hebrew word and its meaning - as trees represent people, various kinds of people are identified - different applications are revealed.
$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Hebraic Approach to the Scriptures DVD

Hebraic Approach to the Scriptures

- The teaching covers form versus function: The Greek language is focused on form; the Hebrew language is focused on function. It covers complete and incomplete: past, present, and future. It covers first-born and second-born functions in a Hebrew family. These are three sets of elements of a Hebraic approach to the scriptures
$20.00 plus shipping/handling

End Times DVD teaching

The End Times

- A teaching with Dr. Suuqiina on Matthew 24; DVD format.
The Hebrew idioms that Yeshua used are explained, giving a Hebrew end-time view.
$20.00 plus shipping/handling

His Names Ringtones

His Names Ringtones

- There are 365 Hebrew Names for YHWH. These names are beautiful, important, and powerful. Scholars worked for over 9 years to discover the frequencies associated with every Hebrew letter. From their work, we are able to assign a musical note to every letter and a melody line or chord for every word. This CD includes 10 Hebrew names: "I Am Who I Am," "YHWH," "Abba Ahvee," "Almighty-Shadi," "Ancient of Days," "Angel of His Presence," "Creator," "Everlasting Father," "Judge," and "King-Melekh." The sound of these names can be released into the atmosphere every time your cell phone rings. Change your world.
$15.00 plus shipping/handling



- This is a DVD message is about the 365 proper names of YHWH. Many are unknown and unused. This DVD has a shocking and interesting conclusion.
$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Ten Native Values

Ten Native Values

- There are 227 Indigenous tribes within the State of Alaska. Our languages, cultural practices, geography, regalia, food, songs, and dances may all differ, but we share some common values that are passed on to our children every year at our major gatherings. These ten values, such as "honoring your elders," are good for natives and non-natives alike. You must shape and adopt your own values or others will do it for you and soon you may be living an unintended value. You may want to make a list of your family values as you contemplate this DVD.
$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Where Are the Bees?

Where Are The Bees?

- In 2006 reports began to circulate that bees were disappearing and hives were experiencing CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). In 1 Corinthians 15:46, Rabbi Shaul writes, "First in the natural then in the spiritual." The disappearance of bees could be a harbinger of something spiritual. After significant research we developed this message and it was presented at a Regional Aglow Conference in Indiana. We have received many good responses to this important message. Although it contains many sobering thoughts, the overall message is one of opportunity and challenge.
$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Restoration of Women

The Restoration of Women

- The redemption purchased by Yeshua on the cross leveled the playing field of faith for all people groups, cultures, and genders. Rabbi Shaul wrote in Ephesians 2, "The wall of division between Jew and Gentile has been removed creating one new man in Yeshua." The wall which created the Court of the Gentiles also created the Court of the Women. The same wall between Jew and Gentile was destroyed between men and women. Neither Rabbi Shaul nor Rabbi Yeshua were misogynists. Many of Rabbi Shaul's writings have been taken out of their cultural context to force him to say things he did not say; in fact, some of them are the opposite of what he said. Up until Shaul's day, women weren't taught by the Rabbis like the men were. Shaul wrote that, "women would learn in the home in silence." The men learned in the same cultural manner. Men weren't allowed to talk or converse while the Rabbi was teaching. They spoke when spoken to. Rabbi Shaul leveled the learning opportunity for men and women. Women must set themselves free from the burdens of the past set upon them by men who were not taught correctly.
$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Opening The Scrolls

Opening The Scrolls

- The Hebrew Scriptures have come to us from an ancient path preserved throughout the generations, sometimes at great risk and high cost. The Ancient Hebrew (called Paleo) has been preserved in three forms: early, middle, and later paleo Hebrew. These were pictographic languages. Because the Hebrew language focuses on "function" instead of the Greek focus on "form," the pictures present a clear understanding of the functions being described. The Opening of the Scrolls DVD presents some of the hidden revelations in the ancient Hebrew language. Enjoy!
$20.00 plus shipping/handling

The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree

- Romans 11 - This DVD presents from interviews with five different horticulturists insights about the grafting process. They gave us significant details that became very prophetic and important to understanding the process of how Jews and Gentiles are brought together in the Kingdom of YHWH. When Rabbi Shaul said, "Don't be arrogant! You (Gentiles) don't bear the root (Jews), the root bears you," he was warning the Gentiles to remember their root and honor their root with humility. We all need to understand what it means to be grafted into the Olive Tree. This DVD may help those instructed in "replacement theology" to understand why Israel and the Hebrew Scriptures are so valuable to all believers.
$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Hebrew Idioms

Hebrew Idioms

- Idioms are sayings that cannot be translated to other languages without explanation. We have many in the English language: "make it snappy," "hit the ceiling," "kick the bucket," etc. The Hebrew language also has many idioms. There are over 2,000 Hebrew idioms in the Scriptures, none of which came with an explanation. We wouldn't allow anyone to construct a church doctrine from the idiom "kick the bucket" and yet the Western Church has constructed many doctrines from Hebrew idioms. Because the Hebrew language has a meaning for every letter and ever letter is also a number, there are multiple layers of meanings for every Hebrew word. This allows our Scriptures to become exciting as we discover the layers of meanings within the text and the true picture of the intent of the Author is revealed. The Hebrew Idioms DVD presents a primer for the understanding of idioms and how they are used. The video ends with the Hebrew name written on the cross over Yeshua's head and what is revealed there.
$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Freedom From The Toxic Religious System

Freedom From The Toxic Religious System

- Many religious systems are imbedded with toxic expectations that are not consistent with the freedoms purchased by Yeshua for all believers. This DVD presents a few of the toxic expectations and how to free one's self from them. It is provocative and informative. What is "normative" to one group may not be to another, causing stress and even strife. Restore the freedoms of shalom to your faith expression.
$20.00 plus shipping/handling



- Fringed Jewish prayer garment; place of personal dwelling with YHWH in prayer. Blue and white linen; includes a bag for storing.
$50.00 plus shipping/handling

Music by Qaumaniq and Suuqiina:

Whales, Flutes and Drums CD

Whales, Flutes and Drums

- An instrumental music CD by Qaumaniq & Suuqiina on G. Foster and NightEagle flutes, Martin guitar, drums, and keyboards; with Inuit drum by Becky Etukeok, Abba drum by Concow/Maidu, NDN drums by Leslie/Jerry Chapman, Whale songs made by Creator; prayers in Haida, Inupiat, Finnish, Norwegian. All songs written and arranged by Qaum & Suuq.

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

I Lay Me Down CD

I Lay Me Down

- A music CD by Qaumaniq & Suuqiina. Fall asleep to the sounds of YHWH's glorious names. 10 Hebrew names of YHWH. The Hebrew letters of Psalm 23 are played in the order they are given in the Scriptures with the Hebrew names inserted and identified as the music is played. All music written performed by Suuqiina; vocals by Qaumaniq & Suuqiina; drums & percussion by Qaumaniq & Suuqiina.

$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Let's Fly CD cover

Let's Fly

- Music CD. This recording is dedicated to Agaayun - our Father and Creator and to all our relatives. May our lives be filled with Joy & wonder, worship & praise, love & peace, and Let's Fly. Produced by Suuqiina and Qaumaniq for Indigenous Messengers International. All songs written by Suuqiina except Multitudes, written by Lyle Evens and used by permission; vocals and background music written and performed by Suuqiina and Qaumaniq Suuqiina. Prayers by Mary Glazier (English), Roland Booth (Inupiaq), Eeva Taina (Finnish), & Bodil Hendrickson (Norwegian).

Plains Indians use the vocable "hey yah" & Euro-Americans use "la-la," the Inupiat use "ii ja ja" (pronounced ee-yi-yi) as an expression of joy or celebration. May these songs of worship give new wings to your praise. Agaayun and Sila are Inupiat names for God, Father, and Creator.
$20.00 plus shipping/handling

Repairing the Breach

Repairing The Breach

- Two-DVD set of Live Worship.
In 2006 Qaum and I hosted a gathering at Allie's Place in Tennessee. People came from many places, some even from other countries. We met for eight days of worship, prayer, networking, and fun. These DVDs capture some of the awesome musical worship that occurred during those days. The gathering was called Repairing The Breach.
$25.00 plus shipping/handling

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