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Suuqiina Forty years from the time he was taken from Alaska, Suuqiina, like Moses, returned to Alaska and reconnected to his native culture and his people. It was during this time that he became involved in reconciliation work and multiculturalism, teaching on protocol and the restoration of indigenous instruments and values for the purpose of worship and following Yeshua (Jesus). He also served on the Board of Directors of the Thirteenth Region Board of Directors an Alaska Native Corporation.
Suuqiina in Alaska Suuqiina

He traveled by snow machine to remote villages across Alaska to teach his people of the love of Messiah for them. He was instrumental in bringing the Inuit drum back into the hands of his people for the purposes of worship in Alaska.

Log cabin where Suuqiina lived as baby
Suuqiina log cabin

Protocol with Grand Chief Peter John in Minto, Alaska
Suuqiina with Grand Chief Peter John and Doug Yates
As he traveled along the path of his culture being restored to him, he became connected with Grand Chief Lynda Prince, Richard Twiss, Terry LeBlanc, Randy Woodley, Jonathan Maracle, Deputy Grand Chief Kenny Blacksmith and other native leaders who were also teaching on redeeming culture for the purpose of following Christ. Along with these other leaders, Suuqiina, helped to bring the message of the need for repentance and reconciliation between Native Americans and the church.

Suuqiina Suuqiina with Chief Will Mayo Grand Chief Lynda Prince and Suuqiina Grand Chief Lynda Prince, Richard Twiss, and Suuqiina Richard Twiss and Suuqiina Drummers Suuqiina, Richard Twiss, Terry
		LeBlanc, Jonathan Maracle Ken Gilbert, Richard Nunez, Deputy Grand Chief Kenny Blacksmith, Suuqiina, Jonathan Maracle Rita Bear Gray, Bettye Lewis, Messianic
		Leaders, Suuqiina, Doug Yates Suuqiina, Doug Yates David and Dale Garratt, 
		worship in Hawai'i Suuqiina, Fiji Warrior, 
		Richard and Kimberly Nunez First Nations Contextualized Leaders
Group includes Grand Chief Lynda Prince, Deputy Grand Chief Kenny and Louis Blacksmith, Art Begay, Doug and Gloria Yates, Richard and Katherine Twiss, Mary Glazier, Terry and Bev LeBlanc, Jerry Yellow Hawk, Rita Bear Gray, Suuqiina

Richard Twiss, Mary Glazier, Suuqiina, Terry LeBlanc

Along with some of these leaders, Suuqiina was involved in helping to facilitate the World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People in Rapid City South Dakota in 1998.
Suuqiina with delegates from Inupiac-speaking tribes in Norway and Sweden
Suuqiina w/delegation from Norway and Sweden

George Otis Jr., Suuqiina

It was also during this time that Suuqiina was privileged to cross paths with George Otis Jr., Chuck Pierce, and John Dawson who were also doing work on these same issues within the Christian community.

Suuqiina and John Dawson
Suuqiina, John Dawson
Chuck Pierce, Suuqiina

This was a catalyst for Can You Hear The Mountains Tremble- A Healing The Land Workbook authored by Suuqiina and The Healing The Land Seminars that he taught across the United States and Internationally.
Suuqiina Suuqiina Suuqiina Suuqiina Suuqiina Suuqiina Suuqiina, Russian tribes

This work was instrumental enabling him to conduct reconciliation meetings in Far East Russia between the Native tribes and the church of Russia and to do reconciliation meetings between the Native Brazilian tribes and the church of Brazil. He also worked with survivors of the genocide in Rwanda
Fern Noble, Grand Chief Lynda Prince, and Suuqiina with representatives of Native Brazilian tribes
Fern Noble, Grand Chief
		Lynda Prince, Suuqiina with Brazilian tribes
Fern Noble, Rwandan Pastor and Suuqiina